Surface finishes

Surface finishes

Our technical products are proposed with various surface finishes
  • Straightening : 

Alveotube® are made from aluminium extrusion. Extrusion is really adapted for the design of technical profiles with shapes that give special features. Extruded profiles have good straightness, but for long rollers applications, this straightness has to be improved.

Roll Concept offers to improve the straightness of the profiles before any assembly with a special press we have in house.


  • Machining of table surface :

The performance in rotation of a roller depends on the concentricity between external surface of the outer diameter and internal surface of the inner diameter.

The machining of table surface enables to improve the concentricity of the rollers. An improvement of concentricity allows a tremendous increase of the speed in rotation without any vibration. In some applications like those in printing industry the accuracy of rotation is a key factor. Another interest of machining table surface is to manage the surface quality. Roughness can become an important parameter especially for thin products, in order to avoid hurting them.


  • Machining of helically fluted grooves :

Depending upon the winding angle, the speed of line, the thickness of the product, there is quite often some air trapped between the roller and the product. This air can create wrinkles or troubles in winding. One efficient way to get rid off these problems is to machine helically fluted grooves. The air is exhausted through the grooves.

The helically fluted grooves helps to :

  • Flatten the web on the roller
  • Avoid wrinkles in the web
  • Centre or guide the web in one specific direction

The way the grooves are machined has an influence on the effects they have. Roll Concept offers the following options :

  • Helically simple : guides the web form one side to the other. Exists with right-handed or left-handed pitch
  • Helically starting from the middle : centres the web
  • Helically double : flattens and centres the web


  • Lined versions :

For application like web traction, calendering, insulation, antistatic... lining is one of the most efficient available solutions. There are number of products rollers can be lined with, depending on your needs : PU, Viton, silicone, EPDM, Nitrile, SBR, Neoprene, Natural rubber, ...

Roll Concept offers to realise lined rollers customised to you request. The following items have to be specified :

  • Product chosen
  • Final Ø or thickness
  • Shore A hardness
  • Surface roughness

Lined rollers may be delivered with machined surfaces :

  • Parallel grooves
  • Helically fluted grooves
  • Special machining


  • Balancing :

The Roll Concept rollers can be balanced. A balanced roller can turn at least twice as fast compared to a non-balanced one without vibration or excessive wear of bearings. It increases productivity with a slight change of the installations. The other benefit of balancing is the tremendous noise reduction especially at high speed.

Roll Concept offers dynamic balancing of rollers following ISO N°1940 recommandations class G6.3 to G2.5.

All balanced rollers are delivered with a balancing report.