Roll Concept, the unique Alveotube® manufacturer !

For nearly 20 years now, we design and manufacture industrial rollers, cylinders and winding cores/mandrels specially engineered to improve your process performance: light weight, durability, high critical speed, easy installation... both for machinery manufacturers and end users.

We have built our experience on aluminium lightweight idler rollers applications with the patented Alveotubes® product line and have widened our expertise to other logistic applications for web handling and converting industries. Our Alveotubes® are used worldwide as cylinder, idler roll, web guide roller, drive roller, accumulator, contact roller, nip roller, dancer, lay on arm, calender, reel spools, roll cores … Our range includes simple profile but also ready to run solutions with a choice of finishes and coatings.

Aluminium idler rollers type Alveotube by Roll Concept
Our Alveotubes® are light, strong and rigid with low inertia
Aveotube aluminium winding cores with low inertia to rewind heavy weight at high speed
Lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion, our winding cores/mandrels also have a high stiffness enabling to rewind heavy weight at high speed
Alveotube lightweight cooling roller with low inertia
Thermal rollers based on our Alveotube® profiles enabling an excellent thermal transfer : double internal fluid circulation, thin surface and light weight compared with a standard double casing roller!
Easy and light adaptor to transform in few seconds 3'' expanding shaft into 6'' one
Transform in few seconds only, without any tubing or adaptation, your 3" expanding shaft (Ø70 to 75 mm) into 6" one (Ø150 or 152 mm)

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