Surface coatings

Alveotubes coatings

Surface coatings

We propose numerous surface coatings
  • Anodization :

Aluminium oxide is naturally coating all aluminium parts. The anodization (or anodic oxidation) is an electrolytic process, which increase the thickness of aluminium oxide.

Before and after coating there are some operations for preparing and fixing the anodization. Between each step, the parts have to be cleaned, rimsed and dried. The anodization has to be done before any assembly.

  • Hard chromium plating :

The hard chromium plating is an electrolytic process that coats chromium on the surface of the rollers.

There are mechanical and chemical preparations in order to get chromium fixed on aluminium. After coating the rollers are polished. Hard chromium plating is possible for rollers without assembly.

  • Teflon® coating :

The Teflon® is a 2 step operation. First there is a spray of powder, then high temperature firing. The main interest of the Teflon® are the low friction dynamic coefficient (0.08) and its excellent resistance to extreme temperatures (-100°C to +250°C)

  • Anti-adhesive Plasma coating :

A process of Plasma projection gives the anti-adhesive coatings. The result is an excellent ability to use rollers in contact with the sticky side of the web without gluing or clogging up. This is a long lasting coating.

Anti-adhesive Plasma coating is sensitive to some cleaning products. If it is necessary to clean, ideally use water with soap or white spirit. Products with bleach or acetone can create a swelling of the surface. The following products are forbidden: Benzol, Toluen, Caustic soda and Potash. High pressure cleaning and steam are also to be avoided.

  • Sand blasting :

In some applications, like traction of web or spreading a liquid on the web, a specific roughness is interesting. Roll Concept offers to deliver rollers made from Alveotube® profiles with sand blasted surface.

3 types of sand blasting are currently realised :

  • Thin with glass powder
  • Medium with thin corundum
  • Heavy with corundum

For a specific roughness please contact us :