Winding cores

Lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion, our winding cores/mandrels also have a high stiffness enabling to rewind heavy weight at high speed
Aveotube aluminium winding cores with low inertia to rewind heavy weight at high speed
  • Light weight aluminium profile for winding cores/mandrels adapted to square shafts
  • Lightweight aluminium winding cores or mandrels for web handling or converting applications
  • Alveotube aluminium winding cores for multi bobbins rewinding
  • Lightweight and strong Alveotube winding core / mandrel


Profiles Assemblies

The winding cores, also called mandrels, are logistics products. There is no standard in these products. We offers to customize these mandrels in order to deliver turn key solutions.

We propose 2 type of lightweight aluminium profiles for this application :

  • 3RC profile adapted to 6'' bar
  • 2RK profile adapted to square shaft
Surface finishes Surface Coating

Various surface coatings available for our winding cores / mandrels, depending on your application needs:

  • Anodization
  • Hard chromium
  • Teflon®
  • Anti-adhesive Plasma
  • Sand blasting