Winding cores

Roll Concept, industrial winding cores designer

Both light and resistant to corrosion, Roll Concept’s winding products benefit also from a high stiffness allowing to rewind heavy load even at high speed. Indeed, thanks to our Alveotube™ profiles, our winding cores are light and so, easy to handle by your operators. Finally, their alveolar structure allows to produce ergonomic products, with low inertia and naturally adapted to 6” expanding shafts and square bars.

With Roll Concept you get:

  • a real expertise in winding and rewinding
  • two aluminium profiles adapted to expanding shafts and square bars
  • wide range of diameters

Compared with the other types of mandrels, our products have numerous advantages:

  • their are light
  • resistant to corosion
  • their can be re-used several times
  • and with a long life

Profiles :

The winding cores, also called winding mandrels, are logistics products. There is no standard in these products. We offer to customize these mandrels, in order to deliver turn key solutions.

We propose 2 types of lightweight aluminium profiles for this application :

  • 3RC profile adapted to 6” bar
  • 2RK profile adapted to square shaft

Their are available in different diameters and lengths. Contact us for more information


We propose different assemblies:

Surface finishings

Various surface coatings available for our winding cores / mandrels, depending on your application needs:

  • Balancing
  • Tailored accessories
  • Surface finishings:
    • Anodization
    • Hard chromium
    • Teflon®
    • Anti-adhesive Plasma
    • Sand blasting