The specific profile developped by Roll Concept for its technical rolls

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The unique Alveotube™ profile

Roll Concept is the original designer of the Alveotube!

To manufacture our technical rolls and winding cores, we mainly use our own aluminium profiles, worldwide known under the name of Alveotube™. These specific profiles offer an ideal combination of low inertia, low weight and high resistance to flexion.

Then, we offer from cut to length profiles to turnkey solutions in order to fulfil your needs. Also thanks to a wide range of end assemblies or mountings, and/or coatings. Finally, the specific structure of our profile, allows to use it to manufacture different products such as: cylinder, idler roll, deflecting roll, drive roller, accumulator, guide, contact, nip, dancer, lay on, calender, reel spool, winding mandrel… But it is also perfect to have a fluid passing through the alveolus (air or liquid) and so to allow thermal transfer.

Our different profiles

  • Alveotube™ 3RC profile

This profile consists in 2 concentric tubes linked together by 6 blades providing alveolus. As a result, it offers a good compromise between bending resistance and inertia. 3RC profile is perfect for technical rolls and winding cores manufacturing.

We propose a range of 9 different sizes for this profile, from Ø48 to Ø230mm…

  • Alveotube™ 2RK profile

Our 2RK profile combines one external tube and one square internal profile linked together by 4 blades. Consequently, it is perfectly adapted to winding or unwinding cores used on square bars.

The 2RK Alveotube™ profile is available in 2 dimensions  : 120 and 145

  • Corexal® profile

This profile consists in 3 interlocking assemblies. Grooved end-caps close the ends. In the groove, a seals acts when the pressure is exhausting from expanding. Our Corexal® profile has been developed specifically for our Core adaptor

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