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Roll Concept French representative of DFE tension measurement and control systems

Exclusive European distributor of Dover Flexo Electronics

The American company has been designing and manufacturing automatic tension controllers, indicators, transducers and pneumatic brakes, since 1974.

DFE is the natural choice of OEMs, operators, process and controls engineers to outfit machinery with precise, easy-to-use tension control. Their systems deliver improvements to material processing productivity and reliability, reducing waste and operating costs. These benefits enable payback on a new tension control system in as little as a few weeks.

Consistent quality, product reliability and superior technical support translate into low total cost of ownership for all customers.

  • Tension
  • Transducers
  • Amplifiers
  • Indicators
  • Controllers
  • Tension roll transducers

If you are an European company, feel free to send your inquiry directly to Patrick Mercier: patrick.mercier@spoolex.com

Exclusive French representative of Nip Control AB

The Nip Control goal is to make printing and converting companies even more efficient through improved and assured nip control.

The measurement data facilitates statistical trend analysis and continuous process improvement, ultimately leading to improved product quality and process control, lower product cost (less scrap) and more production time. Increased job satisfaction is an additional bonus: no more trial and error!

Nip Control is the worldwide specialist of hand held high-precision nip measuring instruments.

Using Digital Nip Measurement is quick and easy. You can set your roller nips accurately and check their status frequently.
The process is repeatable and operator-independent.

  • Pressure indicator™

Featuring the latest nanotechnology, the Pressure Indicator makes rapid measurement of nip pressure between rollers possible for the very first time.

  • Nip width indicator™

The Nip width indicator measures nip width in millimeters or inches. This tool is offer in two standard version: Choose a 300 mm long sensor blade measuring nip widths up to 20 mm wide or a 500 mm long sensor blade for nips up to 50 mm wide.

Your Nip pressures change over time depending on the speeds, temperatures and other parameters of your process. The combined use of the two indicators will give you detailed information.

If you are a French company, feel free to send your inquiry directly to Patrick Mercier: patrick.mercier@spoolex.com

Nip control hand held tools