Surface finishing

Wide range of end assemblies, mountings and coatings for our industrial rollers

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Surface finishing

To better fulfil each specific application, we offer different surface finishings for your industrial rollers:

  • Straightening: Even if the rough extruded profiles have good straightness, its straightness has to be improved. Indeed, profile’s cut could release some mechanical constraints. So, our tubes are always straightened after cut-to-length or surface machining operations.
  • Surface machining: The machining of table surface enables to manage the surface quality depending on your needs. It also improves the concentricity of the rollers and allow us to deliver rollers fiting your requirement.
  • Machining of helically fluted grooves: simple or double.
  • Surface coatings : You need a coated roller? We propose various type of surface coatings depending on you needs. We notably offers Nituff, extra polished carbide coating, plasma coating, lining…
  • Balancing: Our industrial rollers can be balanced to reduce vibration. A balanced roller can turn at least twice as fast compared with a non-balanced one.


Our Alveotube™ profile allows many uses. However, it is mainly used to manufacture rollers. These industrial rollers can be idler rollers mounted on shafts or fixed rollers with journals. As a result, we offer different assemblies :

  • Idler roll assembly: For this assembly, we assemble the ball bearings in housings machined in the inner diameter of 3RC profile or in reinforced rigid plates. The aim is to realize an idler roller which will be used with a passing through fixed shaft or 2 shafts ends. Of course, we offer different assemblies (RI, RE, BI.L or BI.C). Don’t hesitate to contact us to define together the adapted assembly for your needs
  • Live shafts assembly: Rollers assembled with live shaft allow a huge variety of versions and ease adaptations to existing installations. As finishing of live shafts is on customer requests, this kind of assembly is convenient either for free or driven applications. We customise the live shafts according to your drawing or specifications. The live shafts can have different dimensions. We are able to assemble the shafts in different ways depending on the application and the production process
Live or Dead shafts assemblies