Our products

Discover our range of low inertia rolls and winding cores

From simple profile to turnkey solutions

Since 1991, we have been designing and manufacturing rollers and winding cores. These products have been specifically designed to increase your process performance.

Our integrated Engineering Department is used to understand converting needs. Consequently, our engineers study and design the most technically and economically  adapted roller to your application. They imagine the right roller, choosing the most adapted profiles, material, coating and assembly.

Thus, we can manufacture your products based on our aluminium profile, well-known under the name of Alveotube™. However, depending on your needs, we can also offer steel or composite rollers. Our goal: to offer you the best compromise between resistance to flexion and low inertia!

Moreover, we propose a wide range of services:

  • from cut to length profiles
  • to customized aluminium, steel or composite industrial rollers and winding cores

Actually, thanks to a wide range of end assemblies and surface finishings, we manufacture tailor-made products.