Discover all our services to customise your idler roller

Roll Concept engineering department

In-house engineering

To design your idler roller, we have an integrated Engineering Department. Indeed, we take benefit of the skills and the expertise of the technicians and engineers of our sister brand Calemard. Calemard has been a well-known manufacturer of slitter-rewinder since 1955. Its engineers are used to design and to understand converting needs. Thus, our designers are able to better understand web conveying, unwinding and winding constraints. Therefore, they can find the right product and propose the best coating and assembly to design the idler roller adapted to your application.

Flexibility and reactivity

Thanks to an important stock of profiles and in-house equipment, we can ensure short delivery times. We have in our workshop:

  • a storage area with all Alvetotube™ profile sizes. For more information, feel free to visit our Alveotube™  page
  • straightening press to improve the straighteness of the profile before any assembly, especially for rolls over 1 meter
  • balancing machine to reduce vibrations

Thus, we keep total control on our products: from designing, to manufacturing and shipping

Roll Concept balancing machine