Chill rolls

Roll Concept, designer of turnkey thermal transfer rolls

You are searching for chill roll or heat transfer roll? We propose two range of products to suit most cooling or heating needs. On the one hand, an aluminium range based on our Alveotube™ profiles. On the other hand, a steel range.

Chill roll aluminium range:
Our Alveotube™ alveolar structure enables a fluid passing through, whether air or liquid. The other major advantage is its aluminium structure which insure not only a light weight and low inertia, but also thin skin for an excellent thermal transfer. As a conclusion, Roll Concept chill rolls offer many advantages such as:

  • Low fluid volume for light weight
  • 50% less weight compared with a double skin steel roller
  • Low thermal ratio
  • But aslo 2 fluid flows (passing through or admission and exhaust on the same side, for paper industry for example)
  • and always, low rotation inertia

Chill roll or heat transfer steel range:
Depending on your needs, steel can be a better compromise. As a matter of fact, steel allows a best thermal precision and presents also, various other advantages such as:

  • High mechanical and thermal resistance
  • Different designs to ensure greater temperature uniformity: double skin, double skin with propellers or double flow

Wathever the material used, with Roll Concept, be sure to take benefit of a real expertise in designing and manufacturing of technical industrial rollers !


Profiles :

  • Aluminium alveotube™ 3RC profile
  • Steel profile
  • Live shaft ends
  • In standard version, we supply chill rolls as simple roller to be installed on existing machines
  • But also, on request, as cooling unit made of a tubular frame with 3 rollers : 2 thermal rollers enable to cool the 2 sides of the web and an idler roll to guide the cooled web
Surface finishings

All our thermal transfer rollers are machined

We propose various surface coatings for our chill rolls:

  • Anodization
  • Hard chromium plating
  • Teflon®
  • Carbide
  • Anti-adhesive Plasma
  • Sand blasting