Industrial rollers

Roll Concept, idler rollers designer

In many industrial fields, you need to take into account several points to choose your rollers. The main important are low inertia, stiffness and price. When complying these 3 main criteria, aluminium is well-adapted. We control extrusion for many years now. However to propose the best compromise, we can offer other materials. Our skilled operators insure in-house straightening, machining and assembly. Thus, combining these skills, we can produce at low costs, idler roller, able to comply with industrial aims.

Present on this market since 1991, with Roll Concept you get:

  • a real expertise in rollers
  • the most technically and economically dead or live shaft rollers adapted to your own process
  • a wide range: from simple profile to ready to turn roller

Indeed, our Alveotube™ idler rolls range is the best compromise on the market between bending resistance and low inertia. With us, no standard! Each product is studied depending on the technical level of your process. Whether you need a dead or a live shaft roller, we will adapt assemblies to match your needs, in order to have the good material at the right place. Finally, we offer numerous surface finishings depending on your application constraints, line speed and roll positionning on the machine. Your project study can bring us to recommand other material than aluminium. Thus, we can also advise you to use composite materials for extreme applications, or steel for high resistance needs.


Profiles :

  • Aluminum profile Alveotube™ 3RC type
  • 9 product sizes

One single alveolar structure, but several advantages depending on your needs:

  • from small length roller with low inertia, to up to 7 m roller combining bending resistance, low inertia and light weight
  • can be used rought depending on process

Wide range of assemblies available:

  • Ball bearings
  • Fixed shafts / Dead shaft idler roller
  • Live shaft ends / Live shaft idler roller
Surface finishings
  • Straightening
  • Machining
  • Roller covering
  • Balancing
  • Surface finishings
    • Hard anodisation,
    • Extra polished carbide,
    • Plasma, anti-adhesive Plasma,
    • Covering,
    • Teflon®,
    • etc.